Hi Everyone!!,
So, as you all know, I love my Cupcake! For those that don't know, Cupcake is my rescued Pit Bull, who I adore. Because these poor dogs get such a bad rap from society it has been my dream to have my own Pit Bull sanctuary. And especially after visiting Villalobos Rescue Center and having them as guests on LA Ink, it was so sad to see all the homeless dogs that were there by no fault of their own.

So my big news is….I found a place where I can build this dream come true: Pixie's Pit Bull Paradise is in the works!! It is located in the small town of Agua Dulce (minutes away from Villalobos) and only an hour north of Los Angeles. This will be a sanctuary for all the senior Pit Bulls that have been dumped on the animal shelters. It's a cute little place with lots of trees and it's so peaceful up there. It will also be set up for weekend guests to come up and hang with me and the dogs and help me scoop dog poop and take all my little friends for hikes in the mountains!!

But I can't do it without your help. This is going to take money. Just to build the kennels and housing for the dogs is $25,000. And this is just to get it started. Costs for workers and supplies cost a lot too. Villalobos' overhead is $15,000 - $20,000 a month! If just every one of my friends donated just a $1 a week until the project is completed, literally hundreds of dogs would be saved. My dream would be upon grand opening, going into the L.A. City Shelters and bail out every single senior Pit Bull and bring them to my paradise. Don't do this for me, do it for them. I need you guys really bad, but they need you more. Pretty please, with sugar on top? There is a link to donate on my home page, if you can! Or you can send a donation to VILLALOBOS RESCUE CENTER (write 'Pixies Pitbull Paradise' in the memo section) PO Box 1544, Canyon Country, CA 91386.

Be sure to make VILLALOBOS PITBULL RESCUE (my top friend) your friend too, until Pit Bull Paradise is up and running, we can hang out with Tia's dogs!

Pixie & Cupcake

Check out Pixie on TLC's LA Ink:

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