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"All Or Nothing Pit Bull Rescue" T-Shirt. A portion of the proceedes go to face-lickers around the world. Made from %100 pre-shrunk cotton. Pre-order yours today and help stop the persecution.

"To Hell and Back" T-Shirt will be available for a limited time only. Made from %100 pre-shrunk cotton. Order yours today and help stop the persecution. Available for a limited time only.
100% of the profits will go to food and vet bills at All or nothing Pit Bull Rescue.

AARF celebrates amazing rescued pets with its 2008 calendar With all the attention focused this year on the crime of dogfighting, more light could be shed on the faces of its victims. Atlanta Animal Rescue Friends (AARF) is putting two of those adorable faces in the spotlight with the release of its 2008 Rescue Tails Calendar. Pit bulls Cain and Medusa, who were rescued by well-known Atlanta tattoo artist Brandon Bond, are featured on the cover of the calendar.

A large portion of the proceeds will go to Atlanta Pit Bull Rescue, The GA SPCA, and AARF.
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