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VICKtory to the Underdog, Hell and Back

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 The Soundtrack for VICKtory to the Underdog, Hell and Back.

 Proceeds will be Donated to Villa Lobos Pitbull Rescue.

This is the first musical collection to be released by the publishing company STRANGLEHOLD INC.



"Every song in this compilation is dedicated to the tortured animals we could not reach in time, you did NOT die in vain." -BRANDON BOND.


Heres a track listing:
1.) "God's Creatures Brutalized" Senator Robert Byrd (Stranglehold Publications/BOND Enterprises)
2.) "Vicktory To The Underdog" ROBOT ZOO (Stranglehold Publications/BOND Enterprises)
3.) "Only Yourself To Blame" TOETAG / EP: "Toetag/Shattered Realm (Eulogy Recordings)
4.) "Dogs are OUR Responsibility" DANNY TREJO (Stranglehold Publications/BOND Enterprises)
5.) "Godz Of War" SKAM DUST / EP :"Son Of Skarhead" (Eulogy Recordings)
6.) "Haunting A Ghost" SPYLACOPA / EP: "Spylacopa" (Rising Pulse Records)
7.) "Dog Won't Cheat On You" DAVE TEDDER/BRANDON BOND (Stranglehold Publications/BOND Enterprises)
8.) "Giants Will Fall" ON PARADISE BOULEVARD (Red Room 104)
9.) "Cooker" MADE OUT OF BABIES / Album: The Ruiner (The End Records)
10.) "Racism Pit Bull Style" TIA MARIA TORRES/VILLA LOBOS (Stranglehold Publications/BOND Enterprises)
11.) "The Calm" ON PARADISE BOULEVARD (Red Room 104)
12.) "I Decline" NO HARM DONE / Album: "Escape" (Think Fast! Records)
13.) "Forgetting Alli Mae" PADDOCK PARK / Album: "A Hiding Place For Fake Friends" (Eulogy Recordings)
14.) "Torturing Animals" DANNY TREJO (Stranglehold Publications/BOND Enterprises)
15.) "Romeo Is Banished" THE SIREN
16.) "A.C.A.B." FURIOUS STYLES / Album: "Menace" (Eulogy Recordings)
17.) "The Dream Is Not Dead" INHUMAN / Album: "Last Rites" (I Scream Records)
18.) "Dogs rule our f@#king lives" BRANDON BOND (Stranglehold Publications/BOND Enterprises)
19.) "Troubled Waters" THE MONGOLOIDS / Album: "Time Trials" (Eulogy Recordings)
20.) "Huge Leaps" ALARMED / EP: "Dog Days" (Dead Truth Recordings)
21.) "You Know Your Life Sucks" KIDS LIKE US / Album: "The 80's Are Dead" (Eulogy Recordings)
22.) "Year 2000 Catching Hell" TONYA LITTLEWOLF CARLONI/WOLF MTN. SANTUARY (Stranglehold Publications/BOND Enterprises)
23.) "Jumper" BISHOP / Album: "Drugs" (Death Truth Recordings) 24.) "Concrete Coffin" KNOW THE SCORE / Album: "All Guts, Still No Glory" (Double Or Nothing Records)
25.) "Mara" BARRICADE / Album: "Demons" (Eulogy Recordings)
26.) "Take Your Ass To The Shelter And Get A f@#king Dog" PIXIE ACIA (Stranglehold Publications/BOND Enterprises)
27.) "Hate For The World" SHATTERED REALM / EP: "Toetag/Shattered Realm" (Eulogy Recordings)
28.) "Finger On The Trigger" UNTIL THE END / Album: "From The Beginning, Until The End" (Eulogy Recordings)
29.) "Coming Up Roses" YEARS SPENT COLD / Album: "Moving Heaven To Hell" (Eulogy Recordings)
30.) "Michael Vick Lost His s&!t" BRANDON BOND (Stranglehold Publications/BOND Enterprises)
31.) "Centralia" CAR BOMB / Album: "Centralia" (Japanese Bonus Track) (Relapse Records)
32.) "Pitbull Blues" JOHN SHIPE / Album: "The John Shipe Song Clearance" (Involushun)
33.) "Sun Dog Ranch Road" JOHN SHIPE / Album: "The John Shipe Song Clearance" (Involushun)
34.) "Son of a b1tc4" TONYA LITTLEWOLF CARLONI/WOLF MTN. SANTUARY (Stranglehold Publications/BOND Enterprises)

All of this brought to you by our fearless leader Brandon Bond

Add All or Nothing Pitbull Rescue

"To Hell And Back" is a vivid, behind-the-scenes look into the lifes of several rescued abused pit bulls and the process of reaclimating them into the world. This documentary shows the truth about pit bull rescue, Breed Specific Legislation, breeding, and abuse. Featuring tattoo artist Brandon Bond (two time international "Tattoo Artist of the Year" and owner of the renowned ALL OR NOTHING TATTOO[ ] studio) as well as his family and staff, we witness their heroic efforts to save the misunderstood American Pit Bull Terrier Breed (APBT) from neglect and abuse as well as breed-specific persecution. The film begins with "Annie Oakley" (a horribly neglected and abused pit bull) She was scheduled to be euthanized and the cameras follow Brandon and his wife Ashley into the kill shelter to rescue the young dog. "To Hell and Back" features many celebrity pitbull owners, like Danny and Debbie Trejo(k9 Compassion) Michael Berryman, Donal Longue, and Bob Barker. These movie stars were already been very involved in working with rescue groups,and speaking out for the protection of abused and helpless animals.This film focuses on many rescued pit bulls all over America, several of Brandon's own dogs, and a surprise appearance of several of the "Vick Dogs". The documentary also follows Makaveli, 7, and Chucky (3 dogs confiscated from the property of Michael Vick) through the chaos that surrounded their rebirth into loving situations. The movie also shows the process of Brandon adopting Makaveli. Proceeds for this film will be going to Villa Lobos Pitbull Rescue.

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VICKtory to the Underdog, Hell and Back

 Brandon Bond
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