All or Nothing Pitbull Rescue
About us

Brandon Bond and All or Nothing Tattoo studio are dedicated to saving fighting pit bulls, rehabilitating them, and adopting them into loving families.  Brandon is devoted to overcoming the stereotype of pit bulls by showing it is not the breed itself, but the training they go through to become fighters.  Their own dogs, Cain and Medusa, featured on the cover of the AARF 2008 calendar, were once fighting dogs themselves, but were rehabilitated and are now some of the most loving dogs one could own.

Brandon and his wife work hard to ensure that each dog gets a good home.  There are already so many looking for homes, and thousands of perfectly adoptable dogs, including puppies, are put to sleep in pounds and shelters across the country because there are not enough homes for them all.  Spaying and neutering your pet is the best way to ensure there are not unwanted puppies living in shelters and pounds.  Spaying or neutering your dog also ensures he or she will live a long, healthy life.   So don't breed:  Adopt!

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