How can I help?

YES!!! There is a variety of ways anyone can help. Simply assisting All or Nothing Pitbull Rescue in our grassroots efforts to spread the word and our film.
Get multiple copies, make people watch it.

Help All or Nothing Pitbull Rescue repost bulletins on myspace, sell VICKtory to the Underdog movie on your websites, add links to everything we are doing everywhere, talk to anyone that will listen, put information about these charities and ours on myspace, and other community sites, place these pages in your top friends.

Ask your veterinarian to sell copies of our DVDs in their offices.
Post the preview to our film on all your friends pages Put the preview of the film on your own websites and pages, force people to watch it. Knowledge is power.

Donate, one dollar, every chance you get to these charities,
DO NOT SEND IT TO US!!! We do not want it! They NEED it. People are constantly trying to give us money, but we want these specific charities to have it.

Send it to Tia- Villa Lobos Rescue Center
.Donate .50 cents if that's all you can afford.
Here is a direct link to our Chipin set up for Villalobos Rescue Center

Donate your TIME, go to a local no kill shelter and offer to simply WALK the dogs.

Open your home to FOSTERING an animal scheduled for euthanization. If you are interested in Fostering a dog, or need help with fostering, please email

Don't BREED your animals, there are plenty dying everyday and to add another litter just limits the homes available. Breeding effectively "undoes" the good that we are doing by saving them.

Pit Bulls as Guard Dogs

I am looking for a good guard dog to protect my home. Is a pit bull a good choice as a guard dog?

No. The only "guard dog" qualities of a pit bull are its formidable appearance and its name. Other than that, they are not very good at this job. Pit bulls were not created to perform the task of protecting someone's home or property. In many cases pit bulls are just too friendly with people to be good at this. They may bark and "look" scary, but as soon as the intruder smiles at them, most pit bulls think they have made a new friend! In fact, pit bulls are very much at risk of being stolen. Due to their friendly and trusting nature, they are often led right out of their owners' yard, which is one reason they should never be left outdoors unattended.

Pit bulls should not show aggression towards humans and should never be encouraged to attack strangers under any circumstances. With their looks and unfair reputation alone, pit bulls will discourage most thieves from entering your property, provided they are not after the dog itself. Like any good dog, your pit bull should alert you if there is someone around your house, and it might naturally defend you if you are threatened. But do not count on your pit bull to guard your house or property while you are away. In fact, you may want to get a good alarm system to protect your pit bull.

Remember, you are the leader! Your dog counts on you to protect her, not the other way around.

Pit Bulls and Kids

I heard that Pit Bulls were not good with children, is it true?

Most pit bulls are excellent with children. They have a high tolerance for pain and, in general will patiently endure the "abuse" young kids unintentionally dish out; however, like any dog, they must be supervised with kids at all times. PBRC strongly urges all readers to supervise their children's interactions with dogs—that means any dog, regardless of breed, size, age, history, or initial appearance.

Like other medium-to-large sized dogs, pit bulls are enthusiastic and strong. They can easily knock over an unsteady toddler with their wagging tails. They can be quite rambunctious until they mature, which is generally around 2 to 4 years of age. Pit bulls should be taught to play gently, to greet visitors appropriately, not to jump on people, and to sit and wait for a signal before going through doors. Positive training methods work best.

Adding a juvenile dog of any breed to a home with toddlers or very young children may not be ideal since dogs are very energetic at that age. You may want to consider adopting a mature dog that has demonstrated compatibility with children. It is entirely possible to have a young dog with toddlers or infants, but you must be diligent with your supervision. Pit bulls are great playmates for older, respectful kids.


Our neighbors bought a pit bull and now we are scared to let the kids play outside. Are these dogs really vicious like the media portrays them? Are pit bulls human aggressive by nature?

No dog breed is human aggressive by nature. Pit bulls pass the American Temperament Testing Society’s test at a rate similar to, if not higher than, many other medium-to-large, powerful breeds. The American Pit Bull Terrier, American Staffordshire Terrier, and Staffordshire Bull Terrier pass at rates of 84.3%, 83.4%, and 88.8% respectively. Compare this to Golden Retrievers (84.2%), Great Danes (79.2%), Weimaraners (80.1%), and Standard Poodles (85.3%), to name just four common breeds. Carl Herkstroeter, the president of the ATTS, has commented on these results: "We have tested somewhere around a thousand pit-bull-type dogs […] I've tested half of them. And of the number I've tested I have disqualified one pit bull because of aggressive tendencies. They have done extremely well. They have a good temperament. They are very good with children." An independent, non-profit organization, the ATTS has been collecting data based on a series of evaluations resembling the AKC’s Canine Good Citizen test since 1977. These numbers, which anyone can access at, are our best available indicators of temperament. The point is not that pit bulls have better disposition than Poodles or Weimaraners, but that most breeds fall within an acceptable range of temperamental soundness. Pit bulls are no different from your average dog when it comes to human interaction.

By the same token, no dog breed is inherently non-human-aggressive. All dogs are capable of biting under the right circumstances. Operating under the mistaken assumption that you will never be bitten by a Labrador Retriever is a good way to get bitten by a Labrador Retriever.

It is quite easy to determine which dogs will cause serious injury, and breed has nothing to do with it. As public health studies show, dogs that attack almost always have a bite history, they are almost always intact (not spayed or neutered), they are frequently off-leash in public, and they have almost always lived their lives tethered or otherwise unsocialized (penned in the yard, kept in a basement, roaming around in a pack of dogs, or locked in a garage).

A dog should be evaluated on its own merits, not on its breed. Veterinarians will tell you that pit bulls are temperamentally stable and not inherently more dangerous than other dogs. Owner responsibility, however, is a must with any dog, and all canines should be well-socialized with adults and kids.

Since the mid-1980s, pit bulls have faced prejudice and misunderstanding from many people who do not understand them very well. The media has a well-documented tendency to over-report, misreport, and greatly exaggerate bite incidents involving pit bulls. Legislators frequently make frightening claims about pit bulls that are not grounded in evidence or fact. Ownership requires a thick skin, a willingness to understand your neighbors' fears, and a desire to educate them about the breed.

I want to breed my pit bull. Can you give me pointers?

Absolutely not. Breeding your pit bull is the worst possible thing you can do for the breed-type. Every puppy born from a breeder will take a potential home away from an innocent puppy trapped in the dog pound and destined for death row.

There are many benefits to spaying or neutering your dog. Neutered/spayed dogs are less likely to bite/attack, develop behavioral problems, get reproductive cancers, run away, or “mark” their territory. They become more attentive, more obedient pets. They also live longer, healthier lives.

If you can’t live without puppies in your house, please consider fostering. Animal shelters and rescues are always in need of temporary homes for litters of young puppies. You’ll get your cute puppy fix, and the animal shelter will be able to save more lives.